The use of technology is increasing every day, everything which the individuals do nowadays is partially or wholly dependent on technology. We Tricolour Technology are delighted to offer, brand new Fibre Optic HDMI VGA Display Port Cable In Mumbai at a price that would be entirely in your budget, we know that Fibre Optic Cables are expensive, that’s why we are providing it at a price that would be in your financial limits. The slim light-weight cables use light instead of standard copper conductors, which delivers your video at lightning speed. These cables are often used in home-audio applications and can carry signals to a longer distance without any interference.

The Fibre Optic cables offered by us are detachable and can convert the HDMI and VGA signals, into a light, and decode the signal at the end of the cable, (destination).

Features of Fibre Optic Cables

  • Supports all HD standards up to 1080p
  • Is a hybrid cable with four multi-mode fibres cables for the HDMI interface
  • Can use either +5V internal power via the HDMI graphic source
  • Requires no software installation

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